WindRider 16 

Revolution, not evolution. With these words, the manufacturer describes the design of the WindRider 16.

As the brainchild of John Marples, one of the Godfathers of multihull sailing, we can surely say that there is a lot of trimaran-experience in this design

WindRider 16 WindRider 16

The 5 meters long boat doesn't resemble anything that we are used to. It has three hulls with a luxurious seat in the central hull. The sailor faces forward, which makes for very comfortable sailing. The sailor steers with his feet controlling two push pedals. Push the right pedal and the boat goes right. Push the left pedal and the boat steers to the left. There is ample room for one or two passengers on the trampolines between the outriggers and the main hull.

By the way, handicapped people can operate the boat using an optional hand operated tiller. This together with the comfort and the simplicity of the design makes the WindRider 16 ideal for people with a handicap. The rigging is pure and simple: A cat rig with a lightweight carbon fiber mast and a tri-radial cut sail. The sail can be reefed from the cockpit while sailing, within seconds.

The boat is made from polyethylene and is therefore very strong. The 2 outriggers are connected with aluminium tubes to the center hull. It is an ideal boat to take with you on vacation. If wanted, you can carry the WindRider on the roof of your car. Taking the boat off your car or trailer, clipping the 3 hulls together, placing the mast takes 10 minutes. Just get in and sail away. Anybody can sail this boat. It is perfect for children.

And then the big surprise: The boat overtakes almost everyone. The speed is amazing. Due to the flexibility of the wave-piercing outriggers, also the performance in big waves is amazing which makes the boat perfect for exploring that cove, lake or seashore.

In short:

The WindRider 16 is the funboat for the entire family

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