WindRider AS Trailer 

This trailer is especially designed for the WindRider AS. The base is an extra long version of a standard Harbeck trailer. (German quality) Mounted on it is a special frame. You can slide your WindRider AS on the frame by yourself, using the winch. The polyethylene hulls will not touch the frame. The trailer has a nose wheel, and a mast step on the front as well as a removable one on the back. Both the trailer and the frame are hot-dip galvanized which ensures a long-lasting use.

It comes with a special set of bolts with hand wheels, with which you can hang the outriggers next to the main hull, thus significantly reducing the towing width.

Of course all necessary straps are included as well.

The latest version of this trailer comes with a COC document, which allows for easy registration in all EU countries. The COC version of this trailer has some extra lights and mudguards on its fenders and a nylon strip is added to the entire length of the top rail of the frame to make launching and retrieving your WindRider 17 even easier.

It's the only right way to transport your WindRider AS!


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